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On June 24th the Twitter account @AllOutDistrict was suspended from Twitter for apparent rules violations. This suspension was due to Alt-Right leader Jack Posobiec’s(@JackPosobiec) mass false reporting campaign against @AllOutDistrict and 4 other leftist social media accounts. All the accounts were suspended due to the sheer amount of reports, and not due to the validity of Mr. Posobiec’s allegations. 

After pressure from far-Right trolls connected to pro-Trump circles, Twitter suspended six accounts run by antifascists and pro-migrant groups. These accounts included Shut it Down DC, Baltimore Antifascists, 202 Antifasicsts, Block The Wall, and AnarchoAnon. These accounts have been critical in promoting demonstrations against Trump’s attack on migrants and asylum seekers at the border, as well as mobilizing for antifascist and antiracist mobilizations across the east coast, such as against the “Unite the Right” rallies which took place in Charlottesville and Washington DC in August of 2017 and 2018. 

Jack Posebiac prior to the deletion of All Out DC tweeted a dozen times in a several hour periods; asking his Twitter followers to essentially mass report All Out DC. 

Mr. Posobiec alleges that @AllOutDistrict posted the home addresses of Alt-Right pundit Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump’s right-hand man Stephen Miller. @AllOutDistrict has never posted the personal information of either of these men on the internet. We tweeted pictures of fantastic posters that were found around DC, but none of these pictures contained any addresses. We make it a priority to abide by twitter policy and guidelines. 

We are not saying that we disagree with doxxing fascists. We are simply stating we bear no responsibility for the exceptionally made posters that have popped up around DC spreading the word about the Alt-Right invasion on July 6th. 

Jack Posebiac has also been connected to both the Alt-Right leader and Unite the Right organizer Richard Spencer, the neo-Nazi Clarke brothers who were connected to the Pittsburgh synagogue killer (Posobiec denies working with them despite being photographed while working alongside them on a film project), and the broader alt-right (Posobiec tweet numerous times references to white nationalist slogans and catchphrases such as 14/88 and the anti-Semitic (((echos)))), until it became too politically toxic for him to associate with the brand. But yet even when Posobiec broke with the Alt-Right in the summer of 2017, he still counted on groups like the Proud Boys and others for security. But beyond connections to the Alt-Right and neo-Nazis, Posobiec has also been known to steal video footage from people like Unite the Right organizer and white nationalist Jason Kessler, planting fake protesters at events in order to report on their outrageous signs, and also going so far as to even doxxx the women who forward about GOP hopefully Roy Moore sexually assaulting them. 

For years, Posobiec has presented himself as an ex-Navy officer turned pro-Trump journalist in search of the truth in the face of violent and out of control left-wing social movements hell-bent on shutting down the free speech of “conservatives,” and a thorn in the side to every corrupt “deep-state” and “globalist” stooge in the Democratic Party. In reality, Posobiec’s career, from Pizzage to appearing on InfoWars, has made him a laughing stock outside of far-Right and conspiracy circles. Posobiec is just another troll and social media grifter looking to cash-in at the growth of the pro-Trump and Alt-Right internet subcultures.

And now uses it to start right-wing misinformation campaigns and campaign against his political opponents. 

We are currently attempting to resolve the situation with Twitter and hope that our twitter account will be back up soon. Until then you can get updates from us at or on Facebook.


All Out DC is a DC-based collective of longtime activists, anti-fascists, anarchists, and abolitionists. We do not work with law enforcement. We believe there cannot be liberation for some without the liberation of all. Only united communities can put an end to white supremacy.

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